Ippadai Vellum Movie Review

Ippadai Vellum review
Movie Title – Ippadai Vellum
Director – Gaurav Narayanan
Star Cast – Udhay, Manjima, Daniel Balaji, RK Suresh, Soori
The film opens in an Uttar Pradesh jail where  Daniel Balaji  the wanted terrorist escapes from the prison to have serial bomb blast in Chennai . Coincidentally on his way to Chennai, Daniel Balaji meet two strangers Udhayanidhi Stalin and Soori , for whom life turns upside down, after that.
Udhayanidhi Stalin is all set to marry his girlfriend Manjima Mohan and Soori is planning to be with his pregnant wife but both are being chased by cops as they suspect them as Daniel balaji’s guys. What happens next?
Udhay in the lead role is performed well in acting which is convincing. Manjima looks cute and has a good role as a smart girlfriend .Soori’ s comedy doesn’t look forced. Daniel Balaji as villian and RK Suresh as a police officer performed well. Richard M Nathan not only provides colorful visuals, his multiple angles makes visuals interesting . Imman ‘s background score and songs rightly support the film’s theme.

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Screenplay 8


Awesome Action Thriller


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