LKS Fashion House unveils new Iconic Jersey for Cycopaths Cycling Team


LKS Fashion House unveils new Iconic Jersey for Cycopaths Cycling Team

  • Fashion actor Arya introduces the New Jersey
  • The new Jersey represents an ultra modern appeal with feel good


Chennai, 14th June 2017: LKS Fashion House, the latest apparel venture of LKS Gold House a leading Jewellery retailer in Tamil Nadu is the official sponsor of  the new exclusively designed Jersey for Cycopaths Cycling Team. The new customised jersey was unveiled by Fashion Star Actor, Arya at an exclusive event in LKS Fashion House, Anna nagar, Chennai.

The launch of iconic jersey brings style and elegance to Cycopaths Cycling Team with exclusiveness. The Cycopaths Cycling team is a group of like-minded cyclists who congregate by cycling, for fun and friendship.

The New Jersey represents a traditional look and feel good with an ultra modern appeal adding a touch of class to Cycopaths Cycling team.

Known for his fitness and his cycling, Actor Arya said,” More people in the city have turned to cycling as a fitness option which obviously a mix of fitness and fun in a busy life. Unlike other sports, it doesn’t cause any Ortho problems, instead it helps to burn a lot of calories, stress reduction, staying in shape, lowering blood pressure. Pedalling is what that all it takes for a fun-filled life”.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Daniel, COO, LKS Fashion House said, “Fashion Actor Arya is an avid cyclist and fitness enthusiast. Being a popular cyclist who has joined us on numerous brevets (Long distance cycling 200kms/300kms,400kms,600kms), we take pride in inviting such a popular celebrity like him who promotes fitness to everyone”.

 Cycopaths is all about fitness through cycling, driven by objectives and motivated by teamwork. As a team, cycling is on top of the agenda; essentially keeps us on track when it comes to our fitness goals. As individuals, one tends to find it difficult to maintain peak motivation levels but as a team there is always the camaraderie and friendly competition that helps individuals attain their goals.

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