Thondan Movie Review

thondan review

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More than a film, Thondan is an uninteresting social commentary Which is acceptable for his cause to Motivate audience.5


Thondan Cast:
  • P Samuthirakani
  • Vikranth
  • Sunaina
  • Ganja Karuppu
  •  Namo Narayana
 Thondan is a Movie in Samuthirakani’s Direction in Tamil that runs for more than two hours. It’s the kind of film that has comedian Soori giving a punch dialogue about corruption and getting applause from the audience. Too much of unrealistic Messages are inserted fully in Movie .In short, it’s a Samuthirakani film. Hence, Thondan is filledup with several messages about politics, feminism, corruption, farmer issue and Many more social Current Issue .
Vishnu (Samuthirakani) ex-military man who turns as ambulance driver. when his friend Vicky (Vikranth), a drunkard who turns life saver because of Vishu
There’s a long stretch in the first half which included  supported love track between samuthirakani  and Sunaina. The plus and Minus on particular stretch is neither interesting nor effective. While the story mostly travels with these characters.
The problem with Thondan , its complicated plot, which move on and on not realising what it have in view to tell. For Example , the scene in the second half, in which samuthriakani, speaks about jallikattu protests, move on to name the cattle breeds of Tamil Nadu in a single shot thats huge thing to applause But that was not  relevance to the script
While the fact that, Samuthirakani is more addicted towards society and social issues which should be appreciated . our part to expect a decent film from the man who made Nadodigal. When it comes to direction side , Samuthirakani gets carried away a little and that was noticeable in his Appa too.

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