Life changing moment for Dulquer Salmaan


Actor Dulquer Salman, curremt chocolate boy in K-Town and M-Town has opened about his Life changing moment in social media.

“Cant believe it’s been 1 year of #Charlie ! What a life changing film ! From the time of hearing the idea to deciding the look, training for it to filming it, and all the way to the end product. Loved by so many. It’s brought me close to even more. And won me my first state award. The wonderful Kalpana Chechi evergreen in our hearts. Working with my heros like Venu Sir. My boy Saubin, Chemban, the countless artists who played amazing and memorable characters. Paro (Parvathy) & Pixie (Aparna) the lady superheroes of the movie. Alex the superhit executive producer. Joju & Shibin the awesome producers Jaesrees unforgettable art work.Sameeras super quirky outfits.Gopis timeless Music. Jo’s spellbinding frames. Unniettans magical words. Helmed by the exceptional Martin Prakkat. Charlie was always meant to be special. I’m just lucky I got to play him. Love to all of you from the film and to all of you who loved the film 😘😘😘 !


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