Ilayathalapathy raised his voice against 500 & 1000 Rupees Note Ban


Ilayathalapathy Vijay had arranged for a sudden press meet at AVM Studios’ Chennai today, 15th November.

Speaking to the press, Vijay said, “I welcome Central Government’s demonetization move. It would certainly uplift the Indian economy. A much-needed and a bold move indeed! Many good intent moves will have a few negative side effects, but I personally feel, certain things could have been avoided.
In India, we probably have 20% rich people out of which a few sections of people are unlawful and they don’t pay their taxes. But why should we punish the other 80% people for that? I have been reading newspapers and seeing people suffering; heard an old lady forcing herself to commit suicide because her granddaughter’s wedding got called off. A newborn baby died due to inadequate treatment and more such situations.

I again state that this move from the Central Government is very honorable but I feel they should have foreseen the consequences. The situation has improved, people are not so panicky as they were 3 days ago, but I have been told that villagers and old people are still feeling the pinch and I hope the Central Government comes up with ways to sort out these issues as early as possible”.

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