Designer Vaishali S Exclusive Collection Preview in Chennai



Designer Vaishali S landed in Chennai with her fascinating collection from New York Fashion

Week aptly named ‘And Quiet Flows the Thread’ and has stunned her buyers. She showcased

her collection in Chennai on Oct 15th & Oct 16th at No.13, Boat Club road, Chennai.

Her work mainly consists of Chanderi and other forms of handwoven silks. The mission of the

brand ‘VAISHALI S’ is to bring the traditional Indian handwoven textiles to the fashion

forefront and mainstream market through innovative ideas, evolved sense of craft and modern

sensibility.  Vaishali S also presented the opening show named “Road to Chanderi” for the


This collection is an attempt to find the fine balance through knots and threads depicting the flow

of life. The inspiration is to carry this flow through the garments. The interwoven threads

floating on the garment create a confluence of a free-spirited flow. The knots culminate at a point

which holds the entire garment together.

The color palette consisting of off-white, beige, shades of blue, grey and black, subtly

compliment to the progression of the flow. Textures ranging from knots and cords to loose,

freely hanging threads are the essence of the collection, giving life to the concept of flow and


The lightness and versatility of the fabrics, silk, khadi and Jamdani give way to unique,

individualistic silhouettes such as those of jackets, dresses of varying lengths and aesthetically

constructed drapes, each of which are created with an unconventional perspective.

About the Designer:  

Vaishali Shadangule is a designer that after, devoting almost two decades to revisiting and

reviving Indian textiles leaves her designs to speak for them.

Today her label ‘VAISHALI S’ is working progressively in the area of experimentation and

exploration of Indian textiles after its debut with the Summer Resort collection in ‘Lakmé

Fashion Week 2011’, India which amalgamated art and fashion. During this process Vaishali has

produced and presented 16 successful collections at prestigious fashion events in India like,

Wills India Fashion Week and Lakmé Fashion Week since 2011.

Vaishali brews a heady concoction where a glamorous, modern silhouette is stirred with honest

loom fabric and sprinkled with the fragrance of soil from distant Indian villages. Her creations

are wearable souvenirs amassed from her many pursuits of Indian weave.





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