What Vijay Reacts to Sub Collector FB Post


Few days back, Facebook status as been Posted by Umesh Kesavan, a sub Collector in Palakkad district of Kerala, has gone viral among the Vijay fans.

The post was “Got a chance to visit a remote hamlet in the Attapady tribal block of Palakkad district yesterday.The roads were non-existent, the street lights had gone into hiding, toilets were a no-no (When asked “where is your toilet?”, a guy pointed out the entire hill around him and said “it’s all our toilet”) and there was general apathy towards government. A bunch of guys there were not interested in going to school as they found it pointless anyway. They had no clue about the society around them . When asked what do they do to pass time during non-agricultural seasons/weekends , one guy said “We watch Vijay movies and songs in Tamil channels all the time”. Crores and crores of social welfare funds had not reached that untouched remote hamlet. Only Vijay had reached” The post conveys the love towards vijay from kerala district.

Now, Actor vijay who got to know about this post, have immediately called Umesh Kesavan and inquired about the village and assured that , “After the vijay60 shooting gets over, sure i will visit the village as soon as possible”.

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