Dhansika For Kabali – Hot Queen Of The Week


Dhansika Hot In Kabali Stills

The character of Yogita, played by Dhansika, could and should have been explored further, yet the way she has been treated in the film is a distinct departure from the otherwise thoroughly commercial, stereotypical  nature of the film.

We don’t get too many female assassins in our cinema, and we’ve rarely seen a father and daughter fight side-by-side in a gangland battle. Dhansika, with her intense eyes and confident screen presence, stands right next to Rajinikanth in a number of scenes, engaging in decent physical combat and action.

In fact, the gender neutral treatment of her character, whether intentional or unintentional, is a refreshing change in any commercial film at all, but even more so for what is essentially a gangster flick. Even the way Kabali treats his daughter makes you feel that the gender of a person does not really matter in any profession.

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